Molecular Pathology Association of India (MPAI)
Dr. V. Babu Rao, PhD
Scientist D, National Institute of Immunohematology. ICMR, KEM Hospital Campus, Mumbai, India.
  • MPAI Designation Treasurer
  • Phone/Mobile No. +91-022-24138518/19, 9892463778
  • Email Id vbaburao@hotmail.com
  • Profile Dr. Babu Rao is Scientist D at the National Institute of Immunohaematology (ICMR) and is working in the field of human cytogenetics & related hematological malignancies. His main area of research interest is molecular analysis of chromosomal instability syndromes with special interest in Fanconi anemia and also understanding the mechanism of aneuploidy and DNA repair in humans. Currently he is engaged with studies on susceptibility of BCR/ABL gene- in-vitro and ex-vivo; molecular screening of Fanconi Anemia complementation groups in Indian population; clinical significance of deletions on der(9) chromosome and microRNA expression; cytogenetic, immunophenotype, TET2 and ASXL1 gene mutation study in myelodysplastic syndrome & telomere gene mutations in aplastic anemia patients from Indian population. He is a recognized teacher for M.Sc and Ph.D of Mumbai University & Maharashtra University of Health Sciences.

    Dr Babu Rao has about 60 research publications in peer reviewed journals. He is a Life member of scientific societies viz. Indian Society of Human Genetics, Mumbai Hematology Group & also an Executive Council Member of ISHG.