MPAI Objectives

The main objective of the Association is to further scientific and clinical interest by encouraging the study and practice of Molecular Pathology in India. To achieve this objective the Association shall:

  • >> Establish standards for education and training in the field of Molecular Pathology.

  • >> Develop and maintain Molecular Pathology Practice guidelines for Clinicians and Laboratorians through collaboration with other professional organizations, review of evidences and consensus of experts.

  • >> Facilitate translational research pertaining to development, adoption and appropriate use of advanced molecular assays for successful health management of various diseases.

  • >> Encourage high standards of quality excellence by creating sound quality assurance and control policies, nodal centers for proficiency testing and validations of molecular assays.

  • >> Foster research and innovations by providing a forum for young talents for the exchange of ideas and information on current practices and advances in the field of Molecular Pathology.

  • >> Continually enhance scientific knowledge of Molecular Pathology by organizing symposia, meetings, discussion forum, reports and publications.